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What Is A Stacked Heel?

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While the outsole of a shoe helps lead the aesthetic, it is the heel that solidifies the design. The stacked heel is an EOS classic and involves cutting individual slabs of leather and stacking them in layers on top of each other, to give a desired striping effect. This quality artisanal approach can be finished in varying styles including polished, natural, and matte.


Polished stacked heels are achieved through sanding back the stacked leather, leaving you with a shiny, gloss finish. The contemporary attitude of polished stacked heels offers a classy, high fashion look. Featured on our Rocha ankle boots.


At EOS we like to honour the raw, naked state of the quality materials we use and find beauty in its blemishes. A natural stacked heel is finished with minimal intervention, providing an organic suede texture to the heel. Featured on our Norton ankle boots.


The soft, satin finish of a matte stacked heel adds a modern twist to a classic style. This technique allows for the natural leather colour to shine through. Featured on our Roan ankle boots.

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