EMA - EOS Footwear


$159.95 AUD

ALLIS - EOS Footwear


$179.95 AUD

ALLI - EOS Footwear


$189.95 AUD

LARAX - EOS Footwear


$159.95 AUD




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Express Your Unique Style with Our European Handcrafted Shoes

The EOS woman embodies everyday sophistication. She is on-trend yet unique, comfortable but always elegant and she inspires effortless style. She is never afraid to let her footsteps lead her on the adventures of life. The EOS woman is you.

Since 1984, EOS have been providing beautiful European handcrafted shoes to women all over Australia. Our ladies shoes are designed to lead you comfortably through life from their first wear to the following winter. They will age gracefully carrying only the smallest wrinkles from your travels, while softening and moulding to the feel of your foot. Over time they’ll become less ours and more yours, as they morph from one of our eternal styles into the personal shoes that have followed only your footsteps.

The Finest Quality Leather Shoes in Australia

Our quality women’s shoes are made from the most exquisite Italian leathers and handcrafted in our headquarters in Portugal before they make their way to Australia to find a home with you. Our methods of artisanal craftmanship have been passed down through generations to create the shoemaking traditions we rely on today. Using only the best natural materials provides our shoes with a depth of colour, texture and softness that few footwear craftsmen can emulate. We have a wide range of quality ladies’ shoes to take you from summer to winter with boots, heels, sandals and flat shoes all made using the same techniques we’ve perfected over the past 30 years.

The Best Quality Women’s Shoes for Every Season

At EOS, our all-leather European handcrafted shoes are designed to last a lifetime. From our best-selling Willo boots that will be with you through multiple winters, to our summer sandals, we have quality women’s shoes for every season. Browse our beautifully made ladies shoes online and receive free shipping for orders over $150. We deliver throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.