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  • TRUTH - EOS Footwear - Combat Boots
    TRUTH - EOS Footwear -



    They say the truth will set you free. That certainly does ring true for these leather combat boots, which are flexible in form and function. Combin...

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  • TRUCE - EOS Footwear - Combat Boots
    TRUCE - EOS Footwear - Combat Boots



    Make peace with chic utility styling by investing in Truce, the platform combat boots that pair happily with anything in your wardrobe. Equal parts...

    Full Details
  • TRUANT - EOS Footwear -
    TRUANT - EOS Footwear -



    Set on a chunky sole for a little added lift, these long boots feature a fuss-free silhouette with a full zip to the rear. Able to withstand extend...

    Full Details
  • SERIF - EOS Footwear - Loafers
    SERIF - EOS Footwear - Loafers



    Subtle and sleek, these are women’s loafers as they should be. With a streamlined, seamless silhouette, Serif offers just enough lift in the heel t...

    Full Details
  • SERCY - EOS Footwear - Loafers
    SERCY - EOS Footwear - Loafers



    Offering a delightful twist on classic women’s derby shoes, Sercy is a vision of modern minimalism. With a subtly masculine brogue profile, the lac...

    Full Details
  • SERAH - EOS Footwear -
    SERAH - EOS Footwear -



    As soft and supple as a slipper without compromising on contemporary clean lines, Serah is the Cinderella of shoes – hard-working, yet feminine, ...

    Full Details
  • ROBY - EOS Footwear -
    ROBY - EOS Footwear -



    With an avant-garde design that's sure to attract attention, Roby is a stylish pair of square toe boots with attitude. The addition of long corduro...

    Full Details
  • ROAN - EOS Footwear - Ankle Boots
    ROAN - EOS Footwear - Ankle Boots


    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    Based on 1 review

    The Roan by EOS is made with specially crafted, high quality leather, sporting a stacked heel and contemporary design. It offers superb arch suppor...

    Full Details
  • ROBYN - EOS Footwear - Mid Boots
    ROBYN - EOS Footwear - Mid Boots



    The Robyn by EOS high cut leather boot is a great way to make a fashion statement. No one can overlook these lengthy boots and their stacked heel, ...

    Full Details
  • CASS - EOS Footwear -
    CASS - EOS Footwear -



    A pair of heeled loafers with just a little lift, here we have a sophisticated, 70s-inspired take on a classic. Perched on a mid-block heel, the de...

    Full Details
  • CAST - EOS Footwear -



    There’s nothing like a pair of zip ankle boots to make dressing up or down simple. Cast is a creative take on a classic style, poised on an offset...

    Full Details
  • CASEY - EOS Footwear -



    Clean and contemporary, Casey is sure to attract compliments from friends and strangers alike. Sumptuous natural leather is continued through the h...

    Full Details
  • CASIDI - EOS Footwear -
    CASIDI - EOS Footwear -



    Form-fitting yet functional, Casidi streamlines your silhouette without compromising on flexibility. Stretch fabric to the back conforms exactly to...

    Full Details
  • KENA - EOS Footwear - Ankle Boots
    KENA - EOS Footwear - Ankle Boots



    Kena is the latest addition to your integral style arsenal. Featuring our signature ankle boot zip, they’re easy to get into no matter what. Meanwh...

    Full Details
  • KEARA - EOS Footwear - Ankle Boots
    KEARA - EOS Footwear - Ankle Boots



    Offering refined minimalism in its simplest form, Keara is as classic as they come. These high heel ankle boots have been crafted with a chic dropp...

    Full Details
  • KENSA - EOS Footwear - Chelsea Boots
    KENSA - EOS Footwear - Chelsea Boots



    Combining the classic Chelsea design with a low block heel, Kensa gives a little wearable height without compromising on all-day comfort. Crafted f...

    Full Details