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Article: The expert's guide to leather

The expert's guide to leather - EOS Footwear

The expert's guide to leather

Here at EOS, saying we have a thing for leather is a bit of an understatement. All our lovingly-crafted shoes are made from it, so we work with leather every day.



First we take fine Italian aniline leather and explore folds, textures, burnishing, polishing and vintaging to bring out its character. We then give it to Portuguese shoemakers who use hand-made techniques passed down through generations to bring you the quality, stylish shoes that are the finished product.

When maintaining leather products, the aim is to increase longevity rather than keeping them in mint condition. We love how leather tells the story of its journey through the small wrinkles and aged patina it gains over time. It becomes a truly personalized object as it moulds to your body and absorbs traces of life around it. Your EOS shoes really are as unique as you are!

Here are five of our expert tips for keeping your leather looking good and lasting:

Tip 1 - Wetness

If leather gets too wet, dry it slowly. Speed drying leather can cause stiff wrinkles to form so leave your shoes at room temperature with gentle air flow, and never use a hair-dryer. It also helps to use a shoe filler so they’ll keep their lovely shape.



Tip 2 - Cleaning

If your shoes get dirty, the best way to clean them is simply using a damp cloth. You don’t want to use any soaps or foreign substances on there. Specialist leather cleaner and a soft cloth can be used for tougher scuff marks. After cleaning it’s best to moisturise the leather (see Tip 4).


Tip 3 – Storage

Mould is leather’s nemesis so never wrap it in plastic and keep your shoes in a dry, dark, ventilated area. Shoe trees are great for keeping the shoe’s shape while in storage.



Tip 4 - Moisturising

If leather gets too dry it can crack. The best way to moisturise is with a leather wax or cream. We recommended Dubbin Leather Wax in neutral for non-vintage leathers, which will also give basic water resistance. Different leather finishes may need different products, so if in doubt ask your genuine local shoe repairer, and always test on an inside patch first.


Tip 5 – Re-energising

Give your shoes some extra loving by taking them to your local repairer. Ask for a brush and polish on the buffing machine with a clear, natural wax. The leather will come up looking clean, bright and re-energised.

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