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Article: EOS Brand Embassador - Dagmar Cyrulla

EOS Brand Embassador - Dagmar Cyrulla - EOS Footwear

EOS Brand Embassador - Dagmar Cyrulla

At Dagmar exhibition last year in Sydney, the artist was wearing EOS Cubo. EOS Director was here and noticed the shoes... This is how Dagmar Cyrulla became an EOS brand ambassador, as she was naturally an EOS woman. 
Dagmar Cyrula personifies today's EOS woman balancing a commitment to her successful painting career, a finalist in Australia’s richest Art Prize 2019,  alongside the demands of family and friend. 
Just like the favourite pair of EOS boots she wears to work in her studio, the paintings of Melbourne-based artist Dagmar Cyrulla look to complement the multifaceted experience of modern femininity. “My work is about being an individual,” states Dagmar.
Dagmar Cyrulla and EOS shoes share a synergy through stories. A union of creativity and attention to style and detail that blends the best of old and new techniques brought to life through the medium of an independent spirit.
We’re proud to have this confident, classy creative join us an ambassador for EOS shoes.




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