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EOS cares about the community and helping those in need. 

Recently we donated nearly 600 shoes to HRCC Charity (Hepburn Regional Community Cheer). This charity collects and facilitates the equitable distribution of donated goods, garments, food, and vouchers to community members in rural Victoria (Australia) who are experiencing financial hardship & create social inclusion. 

"On more than one occasion, I was required to reach for the tissues as some found this generosity to be overwhelming and were grateful beyond words to receive these donated shoes in addition to the food hampers that we provide weekly. These quality shoes and boots will be worn and appreciated by members of this community for years to come." said Cathy Walker, Committee of Management, The Good Grub Club.

Over the years, HRCC has been focusing on the kids, the homeless, the seniors and the single parents who have little or nothing. This past year the Hepburn Shire has suffered severe impact with the ongoing effects of COVID19 and imposed lockdowns, causing a rapid increase in numbers of those in need.

HRCC's goal is to help as many impacted families, individuals and particularly children, as we see their lives changed in the saddest way. To find out more about the work HRCC do for the community visit or to make a donation click here.

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