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Article: Stacked Leather Heels: A Brief History

Stacked Leather Heels: A Brief History - EOS Footwear

Stacked Leather Heels: A Brief History

Leather heels have been integral to shoemaking practices for centuries, and while it has become a given in women's fashion, shoes made with stacked and wrapped leather heels were once more commonly worn by men. French King Louis XIV (r. 1643-1715), also known as the Sun King, was a proponent of the stacked heel, perhaps because he was preternaturally short, reaching a mere height of five feet four, likely what encouraged his desire to normalise the extra lift. In an effort to assimilate the heel into the lexicon of men’s fashion, the stacked leather heel was pronounced a symbol of hierarchical status. Louis XIV’s political and social power allowed him to unequivocally influence society, influencing other aristocrats' adoption of the stacked heel, and successfully allocating heels as a symbol of wealth. 

Since its inception, the heel moved from a design belonging singularly to men, into becoming considered appropriate attire for women only, and then in the 1960s with the advent of the Peacock Revolution, the stage was again shared and heels were deemed acceptable for both men and women. And let's face it, since its conception, cowboy culture has defied trend cycles and has maintained the normalcy of heels on men’s boots.

Stacked Leather at EOS

While it is a fascinating dive into the genesis of the stacked heel, that is not what our focus is. This anecdote is only to illustrate the widespread and centuries-long appreciation for stacked leather heels. At EOS, we are committed to continuing the long-held tradition alive within our brand. We focus on crafting shoes that speak to every woman. Unlike shoes designed for French aristocrats, EOS shoes embody comfort and transcend social barriers. We make elevated and thoughtful designs with inclusivity and accessibility in mind.

At EOS, we work stacked leather heels into many of our designs. It remains a favourite stylistic technique, whether the heel is polished, natural, tall, or short. We cover the stacked heel in both Summer and Winter collections, our collections involve elevated dress styles as well as more rustic designs with a subtle Western influence, the connecting thread, assured comfort, style, and quality leathers.

Some Favourites From Our Stacked Leather Collection

The Westero boots is one of our favourites, with a slight cut carved into the top of the heel, offering a signature touch to a classic heel. Additionally, we have an eclectic range of stacked leather heels that come in classic silhouettes and for those who seek to challenge the norm; we offer more experimental designs.

But if it’s a sandal you’re after, we have a great range to peruse. A classic of ours, however, is the Sartore. This rustic style straddles the border between casual and dress. This shoe is appropriate for an outdoor wedding or a laidback look. The Sartore can go in many directions, making it a wise purchase without sacrificing the excitement of an adventurous purchase. We mean it when we say we carefully consider our customers when designing. We hope that our hard work and considered design ensure everyone can find a shoe that speaks to them.Whether it be a winter or summer style, judging from the enduring force of the stacked leather heel, you can’t go wrong with an investment of this kind. Have a scroll through our collection of stacked leather heels here.

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