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At EOS we bring quality leather and accomplished shoemakers into deliberate synergy. Wherever possible we use 100% full-aniline leather – the majority of which we source from Italian, Gold and Silver Leather Working Group certified tanneries – and only engage with shoemakers experienced in working with this challenging yet beautiful material.
Our shoemakers not only understand the arbitrary and expressive qualities of full-aniline leather; they use their expertise and craft impart each leathered shoe with a patina of varying treatments and finishes. In the EOS lens this patina reflects the singular look, feel and personality of the woman who chooses to express herself with our shoes.

EOS Italian Aniline Leathers 


Full-grain aniline leather is the hallmark of EOS. Often called ‘organic’ or ‘naked leather’ in celebration of its natural state, it comes from tumbling the finest quality hides in drums of translucent soluble dye (aniline) to produce a natural depth of colour.
With such minimal intervention, the markings, history, personality and warmth remain.


Aniline leathers are softer and more breathable than their processed and artificially coated counterparts. Supple and rich with natural qualities they play into the shoe’s aesthetics and provide the perfect canvas for shoemaking artisans.

Aniline leather shoes accommodate your foot’s shape and habits, delivering a special kind of warmth and comfort. And much like a favourite old leather jacket, shoes made from aniline leather acquire colour and character in a natural personalisation process called ‘patination’ which occurs beautifully over time.





After each EOS shoe is crafted, it must be carefully finished by hand. Yet the truth is, only very few shoemakers intimately understand the nuances of this expressive material. That’s why we hero the men and women who turn our natural leather shoes into warm, breathing, individual pieces with a beating heart.


Using skills mastered in family-owned workshops and handed down for generations (not learned in ‘shoe school’), these craftsmen and women apply a careful combination of creams, waxes and oils using burnishing, brushing, antiquing and polishing techniques. Together these bring out the range of distinctive finishes EOS customers know and love.


This final hand-finishing provides not just a unique aesthetic but also protection from everyday environmental and wear and tear challenges. And while it’s true that well-made leather footwear ages better and lasts longer than most corrected grained leather or synthetic materials, like all things of great value, our footwear must be treated with care.