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Article: Our Story

Our Story - EOS Footwear

Our Story

The difference in detail.

Our commitment to tradition ensures that no two of our shoes are the same. Our craft is seen in subtleties, density and depths, and textures and finishes – the markings of raw, natural materials and the work of hands, not machines.

Each pair has a European heritage, having travelled on its own before it travels with you. We like to think they have a story, before you make your own.

We’ve learned from generational craftsmen to give you shoes that feel as they should: shoes ready to be worn. Just like the leather jacket that you’ll never let go of year after year, our shoes will age effortlessly to work with your changing style.

Sure, our way might take a little longer. It might be a little traditional, but our commitment to artisanal shoemaking and love for our product is what makes us who we are.

We live and create in a different state of mind, so that you can walk in one, too.

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