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Article: Making of Willo

Making of Willo - EOS Footwear

Making of Willo

Trace the craftsmanship and uncover the making of our iconic WILLO boots from their very beginnings in the heart of Portugal. With an individual finish pertaining to each boot, and a classic, everyday aesthetic, WILLO is an EOS best seller and an absolute wardrobe staple. Celebrating the sixth anniversary of a perennial favourite loved by woman of all ages, we hope you enjoy this behind the scenes insight into the world of WILLO.


A culinary masterpiece relies on the quality of the base ingredients. In the same regard the foundation of the WILLO boot is what sets it apart from anything else on the market. The buttery soft leather synonymous with WILLO is sourced from Eastern Europe to ensure authenticity and permanence. The leather is transported to traditional artisanal Italian tanneries where a relaxed suppleness is achieved through treatments. It is then sent to the EOS HQ in Portugal, down a winding street where our masters begin their work.

1. The most important ingredient in the composition of WILLO is without doubt the leather. In Italy it is subjected to the black art alchemy of artisanal tanneries. The outcome of the tannery transformation is supple and untainted leather which really allows our craftsmen in Portugal to work their magic.

2. Next, the leather is handed to masters, who are trained to carefully read the leather and the natural markings. The leather is expertly cut to ensure near perfect sewing while minimizing wastage of this highly valued resource.

3. Ruching across the front found in gentle ripples and folds is individual and unique to each pair. The craftsmen allow the natural movement of each piece of leather to become the feature of the boot.

4. The soft leather and mesh lining are designed to maximize the pliant forgiveness of the upper leather. The stitching is completed in local sewing rooms owned and run collectively by the machinists.

5. The boots face an assembly line where they progress down the shoemaking track and undergo fourteen processes, complete with the laying of the flexible, long wearing rubber outsoles.

6. The race to the finish line is more marathon than sprint as each boot undergoes a series of finishings and treatments before being examined, scrutinized for imperfections and paired with a sole-mate.

With a buff, shine, and final the boots are boxed and shipped on a one-way ticket to the other side of the world…

From our factories to your feet; quality first, adventures second.

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