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Article: How To Style Leather Long Boots

How To Style Leather Long Boots - EOS Footwear

How To Style Leather Long Boots

What Are Long Boots? 

As the name indicates, long boots form a subcategory of boots that are at least mid-calf high. As regular boots, long boots come in a lot of variations. Many designs have developed over the years, ranging from classic flat and heeled boots to modern, extravagant over-the-knee boots.

What makes EOS long boots special? 

Combining European heritage with effortless Australian design, EOS’ range of long boots offer a sultry and fabulous look with remarkable comfort. Each pair is individually hand-finished and crafted with care by our accomplished shoemakers ensuring the same superior comfort and quality, no matter the style. EOS long boots are made to last, on trend and exceptionally comfortable. Created using the finest leathers and exquisitely finished you will feel the outstanding quality as you slip these on. From winter-ready flat boot designs to beautiful heeled long boots, EOS has a style for every woman.

How to wear long boots? 

The easiest way to wear long boots is with a dress. No matter the heel height, pairing your long boots with a dress will be an easy pick that works every time. There are many different types of dresses you can wear for a classy and impressive look.

With your favourite black dress, you can easily wear any long boots with colour. We say “black goes with everything”, therefore, you might select vibrant brandy long boots to highlight your outfit such as Celestial with its antique finishing. Try a long dress or denim pants with a flat heel if you’re going for a more relaxed style.

EOS mid & long boots collection offers a variety of beautiful leather boots, and you can decide between a high and flat heel. You can also try a suede long boot to create a smart casual look.

How to style flat long boots? 

Our collection of flat soled boots will have you looking and feeling your best. Constructed with features for ease of entry and a comfortable stride, these boots will have you ready to take on whatever your day throws at you.

If you’re looking for a style you can wear all year round, flat high boots are perfect for all kinds of outfits - you can easily wear them with shorts, a dress and slim pants or jeans. A Midi dress and long skirt are also great trans-seasonal outfits. Flat high boots are the staple you need in your wardrobe to help you dress up or down.

We also love the equestrian style boots look that our Gaetan boots provide.

How to style heeled long boots? 

Stand out from the crowd and become a fashion icon with our chic heeled boots. These are the boots everyone will be talking about offering premium leathers, flattering silhouettes and refined details.

Depending on your desired aesthetic, you'll want to choose different heel heights and shapes. At EOS we develop different heels, such as triangle, cuban or block-heels for our long boots.

The addition of heeled boots makes any outfit stand out and elevates it straight away. It's also a great outfit for winter workwear. Heeled high boots look so beautiful with long coats for a chic European look.

We recommend Cashmere, EOS’ best selling heeled long boots. High heeled black boots dress up any outfit once again, and is an essential to have in your wardrobe that you’ll be reaching for for years to come.

How to style mid-calf boots? 

EOS' range of mid calf boots will have you ready for the changing of the seasons, providing warmth as well as style. If you are looking for mid calf boots, we recommend a style with a timeless design, such as Keomi. These boots are crafted from our favourite full-grain aniline leather, offering a wide circumference boot. Elevated with a comfortable block heel, these calf leather boots look equally chic with jeans or skirts. If you like boots with ruched leather, look no further than Serafina. Pair them with your favourite skirt for an elegant look.

If you desire a flat soled mid-calf boot we would go with our Wisped boots. These mid-calf boots take inspiration from our classic Willo boots, for a more casual style. Comfortable as they look, they go perfectly with jeans or a skirt.

EOS’ carefully curated range of Mid Calf boots are all simple, comfortable and elegant in design. Each pair is a welcomed addition to any outfit.

How to style over the knee boots? 

EOS offers one over-the knee boot, Casidi. Casidi streamlines your silhouette without compromising on flexibility. Stretch fabric to the back conforms exactly to the curves of your calves for a snug fit, which can be slipped on and off with the help of an inside zipper. For a more seductive outfit, combine your over the knee boots with a mini dress. A skinny denim with your knee-high boots offers a more urban choice.


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