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Free shipping on all orders over $150*
Free shipping on all orders over $150*

100% Aniline Split Suede Calf 


Split suede is made when a full hide (often 3 to 4.5 mm thick) is split into two seperate hides. The grain side is used to produce grain leather (such as Cashmere!) and the under side is used to produce split suede. The fine naps achieved in velvet Suede are achieved by selecting hides with strong, tight, but fine fibre structures. 

Leather Care

Just clean the leather when it's dry using a brush to remove small dust and superficial scratches. Spray the leather with suede cleaner and use a clean wipe with a soft, dry cloth. You can also spay a protector for water resistance.  Crepe rubber can be used to 'gently' rub more stubborn dirt without damaging the natural 'nap' of the suede.

Colours Of The Season

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