EOS footwear uses European measurements, and our shoes fit true to size. You can see our size chart below and find additional information in the description of each product, to know if the product you are interested in fits small, large or according to the size.

If you purchased EOS Footwear before, we recommend you order the same size.

How to measure my foot?

  1. Step on a piece of paper with your largest foot. Place your heel slightly touching a wall behind.
  2. Mark the end of your longest toe on the paper 
  3. Measure from the edge of the paper to the marking

In between sizes?

We recommend selecting the size up if you have a wide foot and a size down if your foot is narrow.     

Still unsure? Please contact our customer care team at info@eosfootwear.com.au


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100% Aniline Calf Nappa


EOS uses the highest quality 100% natural aniline leather. This leather is sometimes referred to as 'naked leather', which showcases the leather in a more natural state. Minimal intervention means the grain and 'personality' remain on full display. Over time as you handle the leather the grain develops a richer texture and establishes a stronger character and colour; this is the natural patination. The superiority of aniline leather lies in its soft, warm feel. Aniline leathers are the finest quality as only the best skins from animals that have been protected from harsh environments can be used and consequently it is one the most expensive leather types

Leather Care

After our shoes are fully. made, we finish them with natural creams and waxes to both nourish the leather and to give it an initial protection. By regularly, though sparingly flow applying good leather moisturising creams, reviver creams and/or waxes you will substantially prolong the life of your shoes and also witness the beautiful 'patination' effect of well-worn and loved natural leather. Always allow you shoes to dry slowly in ambient temperatures, brush them thoroughly when they are dry to remove dirt & dust and then apply your cream of wax sparingly. You can also apply good waterproofing sprays every few months during inclement weather.

Colours Of The Season

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