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Material Interest & Pony



EOS occasionally uses special interest leather such as embossed or patent leather for design highlights. We source these from various tanneries depending on the look and features we’re looking for.


To care for it, brush the leather gently with a brush to remove dirt and dust. To protect your shoes from the weather, use the waterproofing spray. 


Pony hair leather is, in fact, made from calf hides which are tanned without removing the natural hair. The hair is dyed and often printed with colour and pattern depending on the desired effect. We sometimes use pony hair leather in leopard, cheetah or zebra prints to add a fun touch to our shoes and sneakers.


Pony hair leather tends to be very robust with the hair offering ongoing protection and some waterproofing. However, we still recommend a good waterproofing spray during wet weather. For dirt and spills, allow the leather to dry first before using a gentle but firm brush to remove the remnants.