EOS footwear uses European measurements, and our shoes fit true to size. You can see our size chart below and find additional information in the description of each product, to know if the product you are interested in fits small, large or according to the size.

If you purchased EOS Footwear before, we recommend you order the same size.

How to measure my foot?

  1. Step on a piece of paper with your largest foot. Place your heel slightly touching a wall behind.
  2. Mark the end of your longest toe on the paper 
  3. Measure from the edge of the paper to the marking

In between sizes?

We recommend selecting the size up if you have a wide foot and a size down if your foot is narrow.     

Still unsure? Please contact our customer care team at info@eosfootwear.com.au


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EOS makes beautifully considered footwear for women who want to step out in style and express their individuality without compromising quality or comfort. 

In a world that champions fast-fashion and conformity, we celebrate integrity. We craft our shoes from pure aniline leathers where each piece is individually rich with natural variation. Then, to leave no doubt that each EOS shoe is as singular in look, personality and feel as you are, we lovingly finish every shoe by hand. 

And because the warmth and depth of our leathers is carefully enhanced with natural waxes and creams, (not obscured by pigments or buffed out by machines), we like to think each pair has its own story. Though we promise once warmed by your foot’s unique contours, they soon become foundations for all the stories you want to tell. 

For each seasonal collection we create a range of on-trend themes as well as confident evolutions on timeless silhouettes Our intention? To offer slow fashion footwear with a beating heart that’s simple to style, easy to wear and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and wardrobe.

So go dance to your own rhythm. Because our story is about inspiring you to tell yours.

Our Philosophy

The essence of our brand is the celebration of individuality – the EOS woman can’t be defined. She can be who she wants to be. Just as every piece we make is finished to be one of-a-kind, our tagline is an endorsement for being true to you. We’re not about a look but a feeling – the feeling of confidence and comfort that comes from being yourself.


The insight and skill that goes into crafting quality leather footwear isn’t mastered overnight. At EOS, our shoemaking obsession stretches back four generations. 

It began with Doug Midgley in the early 1900s – a New Zealand-born bootmaker and eventual General Manager of Australasia’s premier Shoe Component & Last factory in Melbourne. Doug’s passion paved the way for a family tradition with son Noel becoming a successful shoe machinery designer/inventor in his own right. He started his own manufacturing business in Boston, USA and later in Melbourne in the 1960s. Noel’s son David drove the legacy forward, training in Italy and designing and developing shoes in Italy and Germany before returning to Melbourne in the 80s to open his own shoe factory. In 1984 EOS was born, and David now works alongside son Oliver, the fourth generation of Midgley shoemakers, in our Port Melbourne HQ.

That’s 100-year long journey of leather-working tradition; a century immersed in shoemaking, componentry, studying the shape and characteristics of a woman’s foot, of trends, of leathers and aesthetics, of striving for that moment when form and function meet perfect fit. 

Today, David and Oliver work collaboratively with their team of designers, developers, componentry experts and artisan craftspeople in a creative process that season by season typically takes nine months. For the Midgleys and their tight-knit team, shoemaking is a calling that’s truly a labour of love.