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Free shipping on all AUS orders over $150*
Free shipping on all AUS orders over $150*

Long Boots



    THE NORTHERN boot features a stacked leather Cuban cut heel and naturally ruched leather than gathers on the leg. It has been exquisitely designed ...

    Full Details


    Ease into a delightfully supple boot with a stylish, feminine look. Portuguese designers have designed the Gaetan as a high boot for the modern lad...

    Full Details


    The Robyn by EOS high cut leather boot is a great way to make a fashion statement. No one can overlook these lengthy boots and their stacked heel, ...

    Full Details


    A charming full-length dress boot, the Selino boots by Eos is your ideal companion for classy dinners and parties. This full-length dress boot with...

    Full Details


    High cut boots like Cashmere by EOS are more than just protection against the elements; they make a fashion statement. Take these statement high cu...

    Full Details
  • WILP - EOS Footwear
    WILP - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $193.00
    Current Price $119.00

    Shaped with rouched leathers that wrap the entire boot, the above-the-ankle WILP from EOS owns a back zip for smooth entry and exit. Produced in a ...

    Full Details
  • NODIN - EOS Footwear
    NODIN - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $223.00
    Current Price $112.00

    A traditional and beautiful mid-calf boot that will not fail to make a strong statement, the EOS NODIN accompanies your posh outfits, like formal j...

    Full Details
  • WILDERNESS - EOS Footwear
    WILDERNESS - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $245.00
    Current Price $171.00

    A boot that catches eyes and captures hearts, the WILDERNESS EOS, is a captivating fashion statement that hands you a bold sense of purpose. Design...

    Full Details
  • SELINO - EOS Footwear
    SELINO - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $193.00
    Current Price $134.00

    A charming full-length dress boot, the Selino boots by Eos is your ideal companion for classy dinners and parties. This full-length dress boot with...

    Full Details
  • CARMEN - EOS Footwear
    CARMEN - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $245.00
    Current Price $97.00

    Stay true in love with CARMEN by EOS. This western styled ¾ length shaft replete in fabulous Italian leather features a hardworking polished stack ...

    Full Details
  • VERY - EOS Footwear
    VERY - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $223.00
    Current Price $134.00

    This full-length dress boot is handmade from the highest quality siviglia leathers and epitomises respectability and decency. Standing on a firm an...

    Full Details
  • HARRIET - EOS Footwear
    HARRIET - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $297.00
    Current Price $149.00

    You need knee-high boots in your wardrobe this winter, and the HARRIET from Eos is here to help. In classic form that maximises the appeal of the v...

    Full Details
  • WINDS - EOS Footwear
    WINDS - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $186.00
    Current Price $97.00

    Brave the cold in the newly designed WINDS. This low-calf boot is a luxurious every day model, precisely burnished for a perfect night-day effect. ...

    Full Details
  • ATTICUS - EOS Footwear
    ATTICUS - EOS Footwear


    from Original Price $200.00
    from $141.00

    This reimagined the mid heigh boot is an EOS masterpiece. The ATTICUS is a faultlessly crafted boot, delicately manufactured with Italian aniline ...

    Full Details


    The naturally ruched vamp has that classic cowboy boot curve, and this shoe boasts some fashion forward touches that give it personality and instan...

    Full Details
Long Boots