HALI - EOS Footwear


$129.95 $179.95

HARD Rose-Gold - EOS Footwear

HARD Rose-Gold


HAT White - EOS Footwear

HAT White


HAT Teal - EOS Footwear

HAT Teal


HAT Brandy - EOS Footwear

HAT Brandy


HAT Black - EOS Footwear

HAT Black


HARD Tan - EOS Footwear



HARD Black - EOS Footwear

HARD Black


HARD Blood Orange - EOS Footwear

HARD Blood Orange


HARD Navy - EOS Footwear



HAT NUDE - EOS Footwear



GIRO - EOS Footwear


$159.95 $259.95

GIDS black - EOS Footwear

GIDS black

$119.95 $289.95

GIDS White - EOS Footwear

GIDS White

$119.95 $289.95

GINNY - EOS Footwear


$150.00 $229.95

VANDER - EOS Footwear


$99.95 $249.95

PRISSY - EOS Footwear


$129.95 $219.95

MANNERS - EOS Footwear


$149.95 $249.95

PRESS - EOS Footwear


$109.95 $219.95

POPE - EOS Footwear



PORT - EOS Footwear



PORUS - EOS Footwear


$99.00 $189.95

BESS - EOS Footwear



POTTS - EOS Footwear


$89.00 $169.95

CUBA - EOS Footwear


$99.00 $179.95

JONI - EOS Footwear


$89.95 $179.95

HARA - EOS Footwear


$119.95 $189.95

Handcrafted Italian Leather Women’s Heels Available in Australia

Every element of your personal style is an expression of the woman you’ve become. Our shoes are designed to be worn into your life, so that what begins as one of our designs becomes a part of who you are and the paths you’ve tread. With a combination of European heritage and craftmanship, from our headquarters in Portugal, buying a pair of EOS shoes is choosing premium quality and eternal style that will carry you forward one step at a time. Order from our online store and receive free delivery with orders over $150 to anywhere in Australia.

Browse Exquisite Styles in Our Online Store

A summer sundress on a warm day or your favourite slim jeans styled for the weekend with a simple t-shirt; all that’s missing is the perfect pair of heels. Whether it’s Summer or Winter, we have an array of women’s heels available to buy that have been delicately handcrafted using the softest Italian leathers. From beautiful boots to sandals, our heels can take you through every season with eternal styles that are always on trend. Since 1984, we’ve been refining our traditional methods of shoemaking and though they may take some time, our handcrafted elegant styles are worth the wait. This means no two shoes are completely the same, or as we like to say it makes them as unique as you.

Treat Yourself to a New Pair of Beautiful Women’s Heels

You don’t always need a reason to find yourself a stunning pair of shoes. Let your intuition be your guide and browse our full selection of all-leather, artisan crafted shoes. Buy from our online store and receive delivery anywhere within Australia or New Zealand. If you have any questions regarding our products, please submit an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.