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Free shipping on all AUS orders over $150*
Free shipping on all AUS orders over $150*

EOS Collection

  • WINDS - EOS Footwear
    WINDS - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $186.00
    Current Price $97.00

    Brave the cold in the newly designed WINDS. This low-calf boot is a luxurious every day model, precisely burnished for a perfect night-day effect. ...

    Full Details
  • WIER - EOS Footwear
    WIER - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $164.00
    Current Price $97.00

    The WIER from EOS is a low ankle boot crafted with a classic ruched front and a neat side zip. This carefully and artfully designed boot epitomises...

    Full Details
  • GAIO - EOS Footwear
    GAIO - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $171.00
    Current Price $119.00

    Make a fresh statement in the GAIO by EOS this Winter. This redesigned outside zip ankle boots is a twist on your classic EOS boots featuring EOS’...

    Full Details
  • WILDER - EOS Footwear
    WILDER - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $179.00
    Current Price $90.00

    Don’t leave the house before considering the Wilder, by EOS. The pair’s sleek and minimalistic design is enhanced by its chic back zip and geometri...

    Full Details
  • WILP - EOS Footwear
    WILP - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $194.00
    Current Price $119.00

    Shaped with rouched leathers that wrap the entire boot, the above-the-ankle WILP from EOS owns a back zip for smooth entry and exit. Produced in a ...

    Full Details
  • WILDERNESS - EOS Footwear
    WILDERNESS - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $246.00
    Current Price $171.00

    A boot that catches eyes and captures hearts, the WILDERNESS EOS, is a captivating fashion statement that hands you a bold sense of purpose. Design...

    Full Details
  • PYE - EOS Footwear
    PYE - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $97.00
    Current Price $60.00

    Summer will be easy as PYE in this contemporary offering from EOS. The on-trend toe thong and asymmetric strap design are enhanced by the boldness ...

    Full Details
  • ATA - EOS Footwear
    ATA - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $179.00
    Current Price $90.00

    Take the plunge in the confident ATA dress boot from EOS. This cultured Portuguese leather beauty weaves contemporary spells with coy topline cleft...

    Full Details
  • COCKLE - EOS Footwear
    COCKLE - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $142.00
    Current Price $97.00

    The Cockle by EOS makes elegance easy this season. This closed toe dress mule in especially soft leather from our shoemakers in Portugal adds discr...

    Full Details
  • BOSS - EOS Footwear
    BOSS-1 - EOS Footwear


    from $90.00

    Boss-1 will be your go-to Chelsea boot. They are crafted from crust leather and fitted with twin gussets, making them easy to slip-on. Tough, dura...

    Full Details
  • POLLY - EOS Footwear
    POLLY - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $142.00
    Current Price $75.00

    EOS' Polly is a heeled boot that meets and exceeds all the vital features a top of the range boot requires. Featuring a traditional double gusset a...

    Full Details
  • HALI - EOS Footwear
    HALI - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $134.00
    Current Price $67.00

    Recite winter with flair in the HALI by EOS. Easy slingback styling meets a graceful V-shaped throat that crescendos in almond toe elegance. Emboss...

    Full Details
  • ALEX - EOS Footwear
    ALEX - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $90.00
    Current Price $52.00

    Where comfort meets effortless style. ALEX ballet flats by EOS are a must-have staple for your closet and outfit choice this season. Available in f...

    Full Details
  • POLIM - EOS Footwear
    POLIM - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $142.00
    Current Price $75.00

    Experience a new level of comfort and flair in this chic ankle boot. - Beautiful soft sheep leather - Back pull tab - Inside zip - Leather stack po...

    Full Details
  • WILSH - EOS Footwear
    WILSH - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $171.00
    Current Price $104.00

    Let Wilsh be your new Chelsea boot with inside zip.  -Heel Height: 30mm-High-quality leather and durable rubber-Versatile design-Classic EOS Willo...

    Full Details
  • EMI - EOS Footwear
    EMI - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $127.00
    Current Price $75.00

    Smart and sassy EMI personifies EOS enjoyment. Contemporary flair in bright colours and a close-fitting silhouette, this attractive and versatile c...

    Full Details
  • POPE - EOS Footwear
    POPE - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $134.00
    Current Price $82.00

    Be bold and beautiful in the POPE - this fashion back-in sandal boasts ample support with its ankle strap and is sublime for all special occasions....

    Full Details
  • XANA - EOS Footwear
    XANA - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $112.00
    Current Price $45.00

    Brought to you by EOS, XANA are unrivalled sneakers, boasting a perforated front panel and covered back panel and handmade with exceptional leather...

    Full Details