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Free shipping on all orders over $150*
Free shipping on all orders over $150*


  • ALEX - EOS Footwear
    ALEX - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $92.00
    Current Price $69.00

    Where comfort meets effortless style. ALEX ballet flats by EOS are a must-have staple for your closet and outfit choice this season. Available in f...

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  • ALEXA - EOS Footwear
    ALEXA - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $92.00
    Current Price $69.00

    Comfortably slide into a pair of ALEXA by EOS to start off any day for any occasion, heading to the office, for brunch or a casual night out on the...

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  • ALLI - EOS Footwear
    ALLI - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $146.00
    Current Price $85.00

    Meet the perfectly pert ALLI from EOS. A chic lined designer mule complimented by a deft ruche to elaborate the ankle for attentive definition. Fin...

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  • ALLIS - EOS Footwear
    ALLIS - EOS Footwear



    Above the everyday, it’s ALLIS from EOS - shoemakers of distinction. In premium Italian leather, a fashion forward high cut throat and incorporated...

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  • ALMA - EOS Footwear
    ALMA - EOS Footwear



    The ALMA by EOS schools the competition. A simply elegant fitted ankle boot cut graduates with High Street class through the addition of a designer...

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  • ATIS - EOS Footwear
    ATIS - EOS Footwear



    With a statement 6.5 cm block heel, the EOS heeled western boot features a leather stack heel and a double elastic gusset for ease-of-entry. Eleva...

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  • ATTICA - EOS Footwear
    ATTICA - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $192.00
    Current Price $115.00

    Built-in Portugal with only the purest leathers, this cut-out model will add charisma to your wardrobe. Uniquely manufactured and on-trend, the AT...

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  • BEND - EOS Footwear
    BEND - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $131.00
    Current Price $69.00

    An endearing lace-up design by EOS that works for all seasons and suits near all clothing styles, the BEND is a pristine and on-trend sandal. Handm...

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  • BERNIE - EOS Footwear
    BERNIE - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $108.00
    Current Price $54.00

    Glide your foot into the BERNIE, from EOS - a one strap, square toe mule that has been exquisitely crafted with soft leathers and a well-supported ...

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  • BESS - EOS Footwear
    BESS - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $138.00
    Current Price $62.00

    FINAL SALE - No return unless faulty The BESS by EOS has been artfully designed with style and flair in mind. This gorgeous Summer slide-on heel fe...

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  • CAM - EOS Footwear
    CAM - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $146.00
    Current Price $100.00

    The new CAM by EOS looks good from every angle. This debonair Derby lace up works contemporary fashion politics and heritage quality concerns with ...

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  • CAMERON - EOS Footwear
    CAMERON - EOS Footwear



    With valuable versatility, CAMERON commands serious EOS intention. We supply you with customisable cool this winter with our two-in-one design that...

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  • CAMILLE - EOS Footwear
    CAMILLE - EOS Footwear



    The perfect leather ankle boots. This season EOS develops a new beautiful and suple leather boots with a back zip.

  • CAMPO - EOS Footwear
    CAMPO - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $177.00
    Current Price $123.00

  • CARMEN - EOS Footwear
    CARMEN - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $253.00
    Current Price $169.00

    Stay true in love with CARMEN by EOS. This western styled ¾ length shaft replete in fabulous Italian leather features a hardworking polished stack ...

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    Original Price $131.00
    Current Price $77.00

    The CASER, by EOS Footwear is a perfect showcase of where Avant-Garde design meets functional footwear. For those who want to be confident that the...

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  • CLARIS - EOS Footwear
    CLARIS - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $192.00
    Current Price $138.00

    A dynamic shoe inspired by the American Old West, CLARIS by EOS can be paired with denim jeans and fitted leather jackets for a true Western-style ...

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  • CLASP - EOS Footwear
    CLASP - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $146.00
    Current Price $100.00

  • CLIMBING - EOS Footwear
    CLIMBING - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $192.00
    Current Price $100.00

    Built-in Portugal with only the purest leathers, this cut-out model will add charisma to your wardrobe. Uniquely manufactured and on-trend, the CLI...

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  • CLINTO - EOS Footwear
    CLINTO - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $192.00
    Current Price $138.00

    EOS' CLINTO provides superior comfort with its cushioned footbed and highly flexible rubber sole. Expertly handmade in Portugal from beautifully so...

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