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Free shipping on all orders over $150*
Free shipping on all orders over $150*
  • ALLIS - EOS Footwear
    ALLIS - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $179.95
    Current Price $119.95

    Above the everyday, it’s ALLIS from EOS - shoemakers of distinction. In premium Italian leather, a fashion forward high cut throat and incorporated...

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  • ALLI - EOS Footwear
    ALLI - EOS Footwear



    Meet the perfectly pert ALLI from EOS. A chic lined designer mule complimented by a deft ruche to elaborate the ankle for attentive definition. Fin...

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  • EMIL - EOS Footwear
    EMIL - EOS Footwear



    Be refined be ready in the EMIL by EOS shoemakers. The classic Albert style topline never grows old, and is the perfect mode for our artisanal heri...

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  • HARD Blood Orange - EOS Footwear
    HARD Blood Orange - EOS Footwear

    HARD Blood Orange


    The HARD is a dynamic and classic staple for your Winter wardrobe that unites with formal and casual apparel. This minimalistic pump is impeccably...

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  • HAT Brandy - EOS Footwear
    HAT Brandy - EOS Footwear

    HAT Brandy


    This chic and sophisticated sling-back is a wardrobe staple that will take you from day into night. The HAT is a gorgeously constructed pump resti...

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  • HARD Rose-Gold - EOS Footwear
    HARD Rose-Gold - EOS Footwear

    HARD Rose-Gold


    The HARD is a dynamic and classic staple for your Winter wardrobe that unites with formal and casual apparel. This minimalistic pump is impeccably...

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  • WILSH - EOS Footwear
    WILSH - EOS Footwear



  • CAMERON - EOS Footwear
    CAMERON - EOS Footwear



    With valuable versatility, CAMERON commands serious EOS intention. We supply you with customisable cool this winter with our two-in-one design that...

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  • ATA - EOS Footwear
    ATA - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $239.95
    Current Price $99.95

    Take the plunge in the confident ATA dress boot from EOS. This cultured Portuguese leather beauty weaves contemporary spells with coy topline cleft...

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  • WILKA - EOS Footwear
    WILKA - EOS Footwear



  • GAID - EOS Footwear
    GAID - EOS Footwear



    GAID is a classic, low-cut ankle boot, crafted with all the precision and detailing that makes EOS the unique and beloved brand that it is today. ...

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  • WILLO Antique Cherry - EOS Footwear



    Pull them on and go! Featuring EOS' signature handmade ruching in luxuriously soft Italian leather, the WILLO personifies both character and comfor...

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  • ALMA - EOS Footwear
    ALMA - EOS Footwear



    The ALMA by EOS schools the competition. A simply elegant fitted ankle boot cut graduates with High Street class through the addition of a designer...

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  • CARMEN - EOS Footwear
    CARMEN - EOS Footwear



    Stay true in love with CARMEN by EOS. This western styled ¾ length shaft replete in fabulous Italian leather features a hardworking polished stack ...

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  • CARM - EOS Footwear
    CARM - EOS Footwear



    Embrace the wild heart of the desert rose wearing CARM by EOS. A stimulating croc emboss elaborates the upper possibilities of multi leather textur...

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  • HARRIET - EOS Footwear
    HARRIET - EOS Footwear



    You need knee-high boots in your wardrobe this winter, and the HARRIET from Eos is here to help. In classic form that maximises the appeal of the v...

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  • HARP - EOS Footwear
    HARP - EOS Footwear


    from $239.95

    She’s no angel, the HARP by EOS. Bold architecture and heavy burnished leather affect melts even the iciest of hearts, with a righteous 85mm polish...

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  • MELLI - EOS Footwear
    MELLI - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $219.95
    Current Price $189.95

    Raise your game in Melli by Eos. An ankle boot with heightened influence thanks to authoritative surface affects of bold emboss faceting and snakes...

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  • GRANTLY - EOS Footwear
    GRANTLY - EOS Footwear



    EOS proudly offers you the GRANTLY. This statement sneaker juxtaposes beatific all leather excellence with the functionality of outside zips, exclu...

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  • GRAB - EOS Footwear
    GRAB - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $179.95
    Current Price $129.95

    Seize the day with the GRAB by EOS this season. Funky on trend material highlighting trims generate cool and casual charm in this robust and sporty...

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  • GRAPPLE - EOS Footwear
    GRAPPLE - EOS Footwear



    Be ready to GRAPPLE with anything winter throws at you. EOS shoes offer longevity and luxury in this racy slip on sneaker, with inbuilt elasticity ...

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  • HALLIS - EOS Footwear
    HALLIS - EOS Footwear



    The HALLIS by EOS is a serious stand out. This charismatic ankle boot in luxury Italian leather conveys streamlined architecture with the contempor...

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  • HALIA - EOS Footwear
    HALIA - EOS Footwear



    Hold court in the HALIA by EOS this season. The cultured outline of the court shoe receives a boost through the addition of a sculptural leather st...

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  • MARCO SUEDE - EOS Footwear
    MARCO SUEDE - EOS Footwear


    Original Price $199.95
    Current Price $99.95

    Be courted by the Court. This mid-height heel woos you and effortlessly becomes a favourite Winter pair that you can mix with denims and tight jack...

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    Sold out


    Original Price $209.95
    Current Price $124.95

    A dressy yet minimalist design, the VERA is the perfect twin gusset ankle boot, suited for the cooler months of the season. Sure to find its way in...

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  • POLIM - EOS Footwear
    POLIM - EOS Footwear



    Experience a new level of comfort and flair in this chic ankle boot. - Beautiful soft sheep leather - Back pull tab - Inside zip - Leather stack po...

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