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Article: Willo: Why It Is One Of Our Best-Sellers

Willo: Why It Is One Of Our Best-Sellers - EOS Footwear

Willo: Why It Is One Of Our Best-Sellers

At EOS we have multiple shoe collections to choose from, each of them made with their own flair and style. But the crowd favourite since 2010 has without a doubt been Willo leather boots.

Why? Well, where to start? It's a versatile boot that is stylish and comes in just about any colour you could think of – a classic set of colours, antique finish and a perforated upper.

Willo is designed for the woman that’s on-the-go and needs comfort but isn’t willing to sacrifice style for it.

Read on as we take you through all things Willo, the ultimate EOS favourite.

What Is Willo? 

Willo is a Chelsea boot made from luxuriously soft Siviglia Soft leather and handcrafted in Portugal by only the most experienced shoemakers. It is a wardrobe staple that can be worn all seasons of the year because of its versatility and comfortable feel. 

What People Say About Willo?

It’s one thing for us to tell you that Willo is an EOS best-seller, but it's much better to just show you. Customer reviews usually emphasise the versatility of Willo and how it's designed for comfort and fashion.

What makes Willo our Best-Seller?

The star of the Willo boot is hands down its soft Siviglia Soft leather. The buttery soft leather is carefully sourced and then transported to traditional Italian artisanal tanneries where its relaxed suppleness is achieved through treatments. 

When you put on a Willo boot, you’ll instantly notice how comfortable they are which can only be achieved by using the highest quality leather. 

Timeless Style

Why do you think this has been an EOS favourite for the past 9 consecutive years? Chanel has its Classic Flap bag and we’ve got our Willo boots. Its design is timeless and can be worn any season of the year.


As we mentioned before, Willo is designed for the woman that’s on-the-go, ready to slip on something comfortable and head out the door. You can walk around in your Willo boots all day long and still feel comfortable because of its soft leather, which is supported with a cushioned footbed .


Willo can be worn through any season, rain or shine or even sleet. The gripped rubber outsole is long-lasting and allows for better grip when walking. 

But of course, since these boots are made from genuine leather, you’ll need to dry them slowly in ambient temperature if it gets wet. If taken care of carefully, your leather boots will outlive your shoes made from other materials.

Check out our article on how to care for your leather shoes.

Should you consider getting Willo?

Style - Are you looking for something timeless?

Willo has a classic, timeless style that works great for most outfits. You can opt to wear your Willo boots and have them blend into your outfit or have them be a statement piece depending on your choice of colour. 

Quality Boots - Want to invest in something that will last?

Willo is made from high quality leather that is highly durable. If you’re looking for a pair of boots that can be worn everyday and still last long, this might be the one for you. 

Weather - Is it right for your climate?

You might think that Willo is more suited for colder weather but it's actually wearable all year long. 

These ankle-length boots provide just enough coverage for every weather condition so you’re not left feeling too hot or cold in them. Its gripped rubber outsole allows for better grip when walking through wet weather conditions. 

Willo: An EOS Star

It can be tricky deciding on what might be the right shoe for you - you’ve got to consider style, comfort, material and durability. But going with Willo would be a safe bet because of its timeless and comfortable design.

We hope this article will help you decide on whether Willo might be the right option for you. If you’d like to get your own pair, check out our latest Willo colours here.

At EOS, we develop Willo sister boots, if you are looking for mid long boots, zip boots or long boots explore the Willo Collection.

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