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Article: New Trend: Sneaker mules

New Trend: Sneaker mules - EOS Footwear

New Trend: Sneaker mules

Sneaker Mules Should Be Your Newest Wardrobe Addition: Here’s Why

Mules first entered the public arena in Ancient Rome, and were then termed mulleus calceus (referring to a red or blue slipper worn by the highest order of magistrates). The mule was a natural progression in footwear. While the mule came into existence in Ancient Rome, it had its debut as a fashion item and was subsequently declared in-vogue during the late 1600s, when a pair of mules exited the private sphere of the bedroom on the foot of Comtesse d’Olonne; a notoriously beautiful woman in the court of King Louis VIX and a bon vivant that captivated the attention of society. When Comtesse d’Olonne sported a crimson pair of mules, the trend was quickly assumed, sparking the journey of the mule within the lexicon of fashion.

In recent years, mules have become a staple at the forefront of the footwear industry. Some of the most prominent brands have crafted their version of this hybrid shoe, offering a range of mules that lend themselves to formal, casual, and now hyper-conceptual design. There seems to be a mule for any outfit, and most recently, the sneaker mule has taken the trend to another level. 


Our Bright and Buri sneaker mule, maintains the signature comfort for which EOS shoes are known, while promising effortless wear with a variety of looks. These styles are an ideal comfort-driven addition to your spring-summer footwear collection. While it might appear an unusual choice, this shoe is delightfully practical and innovative. Sneaker mules provide the familiar support that belongs to your classic kicks with the practicality and ease inherent to your go-to slip-on shoes. Sneaker mules are the ideal laid-back shoe. You'll see the sneaker mule appearing on the scene more prominently this summer, so get in early so you can stay on top of the trend whilst remaining true to your style and comfort needs. 

How to wear your sneaker mule: 

Buri introduces a range of colours, offering a classic black whilst also bringing a refined curation of pastel colourways that will give accent to any outfit. The Bright  separates itself from the Buri through its incorporation of a natural leather rand that works to elevate your standard sneaker. Both Buri and Bright, can be paired with a wide variety of looks, but due to the laid-back nature of this shoe, you’ll likely be inclined to wear them with a more casual outfit. 

Buri’s pastel yellow and pink colourways, pair fantastically with light tones and florals. They’re perfect for a summer beach day, allowing for seamless slipping on and off, with the bonus of not looking too dressed down to go straight from the beach to lunch. The more streamlined design of the Bright makes it a great companion to any look. A casual outfit is a perfect companion for this shoe, wide-leg jersey pants, worn with a white tee and light weight cardigan or jumper to match. Alternatively, this shoe complements anything from denim shorts or pants to a structured cotton dress, further supporting the excellence of the mule and its transmutability when it comes down to styling. 

For an easy summer look, we styled the Bright with a oat-coloured linen shorts and a one-shouldered swimsuit underneath. Like the sneaker mule, this look is transformable and complimented with the right accessories, this look can go from beach to lunch with ease and style.  

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