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EOS Leather long Boots

Combining European heritage with effortless Australian design, the EOS range of high cut boots offer a sultry and fabulously stylish look with remarkable comfort. Created using the finest leathers and exquisitely finished you will feel the outstanding quality the moment you slip these on. Pair them with skinny jeans, trendy midi skirts or cosy trench coats, these boots will add flair to any ensemble. Each pair is individually hand finished and crafted with care by our accomplished shoemakers ensuring the same superior comfort and quality, no matter the style. Available in a variety of stylish colorways and leather finishes, EOS has a pair for every woman.  

Flat Long Boots

Our collection of flat soled boots will have you looking and feeling your best. Constructed with features for ease of entry and a comfortable stride, these boots will have you ready to take on whatever your day throws at you.

Heeled Long Boots

Stand out from the crowds and become a fashion icon with our chic heeled boots. These are the boots everyone will be talking about offering premium leathers, flattering silhouettes and refined details. 

Mid Calf Boots

The EOS range of mid calf boots will have you ready for the changing of the seasons, providing warmth as well as style. Simple, comfortable and elegant in design each pair is a welcomed addition to any outfit.

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