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Article: It’s Not an Autumn Wardrobe Without a Suede Boot

It’s Not an Autumn Wardrobe Without a Suede Boot

It’s Not an Autumn Wardrobe Without a Suede Boot

Few materials compare to the soft touch of suede and it is understandable if you, like us, can’t wait to slip into a pair of suede boots at the soonest hint of a temperature change. Cut from sumptuous fabric, suede boots are easily some of the most elegant boots and arguably the best boot style you can anticipate wearing when the crisp temperatures hit. While suede is acceptable year round, it finds its truest home in a brisk autumn. The variety of colours offered in suedes, naturally compliment the autumnal tones displayed on deciduous trees. This season, EOS is introducing a wide selection of suedes, with supple ankle boots, knee-high silhouettes, and heeled varieties, these boots are essential for the colder months.

Different Kinds of Suede Boots and How to Wear Them

Paired with casual wear, like jeans and sweaters, it’s hard to go wrong with a suede ankle boot, whether it’s heeled or flat, you won’t be remiss. A low stacked heel is the ultimate easy-chic look, while minimal mid-calf or knee-high designs work well for extra warmth over pants or alternatively, a cute midi or mini skirt. When you’re in the mood for a dress, a minimal block heel, slouchy suede boot is a flawless choice and leaves space for coordinating shades from neutral tones to bolder colours. Wear this look for a seamless transition from work to drinks, keeping it sophisticated, practical, and chic. If you are looking to play off of a floral print or otherwise, go with the artichoke green to show thoughtful contrast, taking inspiration from the colour combinations of our natural world.

Scroll down for a comprehensive edit of the best suede boots we have on offer. You’ll discover everything from versatile styles all guaranteed to wear the test of time and remain classic styles as trend worthy investments.


Few shoes feel distinctly Fall quite like a suede ankle boot, be it a stacked, low block heel, or a western-inspired design. What’s more, they transition easily into other seasons with springtime dresses, summer shorts, and really most everything. Our Karma, Karina, and Aleks, are perfect transitional ankle boots to consider, offering a slight heel lift which promises comfort, practicality, and trans-seasonality.


It’s without a doubt that block-heels are the most comfortable heels on the shelf. As well as their inarguable comfort, the block-heeled boot can lend itself to both casual and dress wear. We specialise in offering a diverse range of block-heeled boots, but some highlights in suede are the following styles: Seana, Cici, and Cicilia are great block-heeled boots that can pair easily with a range of looks.


While western boots boast a decided trendiness this season, they have long maintained their status as accent pieces within any fashion-conscious closet. This season we offer traditional western designs and others that borrow from the western influence, but neutralise the western effect to create a more versatile design for those who are looking for a more malleable aesthetic. Check out our Eleanor, Ellie, Elesa, and Ellen styles for a classic and approachable western boot.



Knee-high boots are quintessentially elegant, regardless of how you dress them. Try wearing slouchy or slim fit designs subtly concealed under midi hemlines, from skirts or dresses, and wider shafts with slim fitted jeans tucked into the boot. For a younger look, wear a pair of tailored shorts or a mini skirt with slouchy or slim fitted knee-highs. Check out our Serafina, Kenley and Karmine boots.

How to Care For Your Suede Boots

Once you’ve selected your go-to suede boots for this season, caring for them should be a number one priority to ensure they last not just one season, but can be carried through to many.

Treat Your Suede Boots Before First Wear

Always treat your boots before they’re exposed to the elements to keep them at their best and to ensure they last. Use a trusted suede protector. We also encourage you to invest in a spray-on cleaner and protectant, as well as a suede brush. Always be sure to test the protector in an inconspicuous place before applying to the rest of the boot. The suede brush can be used to remove any scuffs or marks. Brush the shoe gently so as to not rub the suede with too much vigour, for risk of creating pilling in the material. The spray-on cleaner can also be used to treat any marks of stains that the brush doesn’t remove. After you’ve cleaned your suede – or, at minimum, every few wears– apply another protectant treatment to guard against future wear. Below are some suggested brands to achieve the best suede protection for your new shoes.

Scotchguard, Jason Mark Kit, Nisolo Care Kit, Revivex

Brush Between Wears

We recommend a brush between each wear if you are hoping to keep your boots in great condition. Brushing removes dirt from the suede fibres before it sets in. It is also important to store your suede boots, or any boots for that matter, properly. This means ensuring the boots have been properly aired out before closing them away to avoid the risk of moisture being trapped inside the box. We recommend storing your boots in an upright position, or in a durable box that will protect the form, so as not to crush the boot. We hope these tips help with your shoe care and promise that if you take these steps, you’re boots will last significantly longer, making every purchase a worthwhile investment.

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