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How to wear espadrilles?

What are Espadrilles?

Espadrilles origin

Summer has officially begun and with it comes a familiar dilemma, finding the right pair of shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and breathable for the hot days to come. While sandals are an obvious go-to and they should by no means be excluded from this summer's repertoire, they don’t work for every occasion. This is where the classic espadrille comes in! Espadrilles are the perfect in between and have been a constant in fashion for decades and relied upon for centuries. 

Espadrilles in Fashion 

At their origin, espadrilles were secluded to Spanish and Catalonian communities; Associated with the folk cultures of Catalonia and Basque region in Northern Spain. They reached a wider population with the advent of international trade and later, nationalism, which saw the shoes on the feet of soldiers; painting espadrilles as a symbol of the Civil War (1936-39). Despite their appearance during a time of civil unrest, the shoes, as a result, entered the public consciousness and were quickly picked up as a style item. Surrealist artist Salvador Dalii, famously wore a lace-up version of the espadrille, pairing the shoes with red socks. In lieu of this style pronouncement, Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall, followed suit wearing the shoes with a white shirt and dirndl skirt. This look became a classic pairing with espadrilles and remains a constant. While espadrilles had already graced the feet of Hollywood starlets, it was Designer Yves Saint Laurent, who truly pulled the espadrille into the forefront of fashion, sparking the espadrilles' next evolution.  

The espadrille remains a pillar of footwear and fashion, because it is stylish, practical, and in fact, more environmentally friendly than your average shoe! That’s not to say you can go without the others, we know that’s not practical, but don’t forget about the espadrille when you’re revamping your summer wardrobe. 

Style tips for your espadrilles: 

Espadrilles are naturally versatile shoes, you really can’t go wrong. It’s really about choosing the kind of espadrille you want to go for, if you are looking for a more sophisticated aesthetic, we’d recommend you try a wedge heel espadrille, Larah or Lazy if you’re seeking a slightly sleeker heel, try our Petrice or Petora sandals which offer a modern interpretation of the classic woven wrapped heel. 

When we say an espadrille pairs with most outfits, we mean it! Try wearing your espadrilles with a relaxed workwear trouser, a summer dress, skirt or even, dare I say it, a relaxed suit with a slim fitted pant. Whatever it is, we have a pair for every mood. They’re easy to pack into a suitcase if you’re going to travel this summer and because of their timeless status, you really can’t go wrong! 

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