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At EOS we pride ourselves on the quality leathers we use. The natural aniline leathers are soft to the touch and malleable, making each shoe compliment the individual who wears them. While we are known for the careful craftsmanship that defines our boots, our sandals receive the same degree of care as the boots we craft and you can be assured they’re equally comfortable. With cushioned leather wrapped footbeds, these sandals are both a practical and stylish choice for this summer. We offer a wide variety to choose from, making sure no one is forgotten. 

Styling Tips For the Grunge Sandal

The Grunge sandal is a popular style, offering a slight elevation in the heel, secure crossover straps, and a statement hardware buckle. This summer, try wearing the Grunge sandal with a relaxed pair of denim jeans, shorts, or a structured cotton dress for the warmer days. We encourage you to wear bold colours (if that’s your thing), as the neutral tones offered in the Grunge will be a great supporter for bright statement pieces. The Grunge sandal has a bit of an edge and is slightly heavier than our other styles. If you want to lean into the casual aesthetic, denims are what you’ll be working with, but if you’re interested in playing with breezier materials for a  little bit of juxtaposition, the lightweight material of a structured cotton dress will contrast beautifully with this sandal and feminise your look, whilst still maintaining a degree of edginess. 



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